Top 3 things on your newly engaged checklist

This is the most important moment that you’ve been waiting for.

Oh, you got an engagement ring going to marry.

There’s a lot to worry about, so many people to keep in touch with, and so much to get done. Don’t panic. You have plenty of time to prepare things for the rest of your lives, but the news is itching you to share with all your mates if you’re like most newly engaged individuals.


First, what to do:

Here are the top three things that must be on your newly engaged checklist:

·        Spread the news!

Going to share this news on Facebook and expect to yell out from the social media rooftops about your eternal love. It wouldn’t be your mom wanting this.

Family comes first. As soon as you’re about to start asking somebody, this isn’t the time for a text!

Give your family a call or when you’re nearby, pay a visit. First up, your closest friends, the ones you’re going to end up telling you to be at the wedding party. Finally, when you are recognized and showered with love by all the VIPs, it’s time for the “We just got engaged!!!” “Post for social media.

·        Show off that ring and update your social media profiles!

A picture is above than thousand words, right?

Your engagement ring can be the best profile picture that you can upload to give everyone a pleasant surprise. If you’re wishing to share with the world, you’re committed to, open up Facebook and Instagram and be creative to show your engagement ring. Take a ring selfie or a cute pic of you and your fiancé. Nothing is better than if you catch a video of a purposing moment and share it on social media.

·        Cherish the moments and consider a weekend getaway!

It’s important to arrange a trip with activities where you both should enjoy. It is time to pack your bags and hit the road! Take a few minutes to brace yourself for the inevitable awkwardness and relationship-changing possibilities of that first trip together before you begin imagining your perfect weekend getaway.

Capture these memories forever!

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