Pre Wedding Photoshoot is Necessary

Why Pre Wedding Photoshoot is Necessary

Pre-wedding photoshoots have grown in both popularity and prevalence in recent years. A pre-wedding photoshoot, often called an engagement session, is about capturing the romanticism of you and your spouse in stunning surroundings before...

What Not to Say on A Date 

What Not to Say on A Date 

After a failed first date, you might be thinking: “What did I do wrong?” Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. There are many factors to consider and no perfect way to...

Wedding photos

My Big Day with Blue Ventures

Wedding photos are the most cherished remembrance of the big day. When the photographer hands over your photos, you’ll be eager to share them with friends and family, and you’ll reminisce about your vows,...

Colorful 7

Beautiful wedding invitation online

Making wedding invitations is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Although the wedding day will be wonderful, it may also be a highly stressful procedure where both the groom and the bride spend more time and money...

wedding planning timeline

Wedding planning checklist 12 months prior

Getting married is so ecstatic feeling for couples, especially for brides. Of course, every bride wants everything to run smoothly without any unexpected hurdles during the preparation and the wedding day.   For the...

blue gem stone

The power of sapphire – the blue gem stone

Ruby, emerald and sapphire are the big three of the colored gemstones. It is designated to the people who born in September. It is a sturdy and captivated for the buyers due to its...

sola wood

Wedding bouquet has to be sola wood real flowers!

When brides to pick out their wedding flowers they become so conscious, choosy, and idealistic. They wish to have a bouquet of their favorite fresh flowers and they spend a handsome amount of their...

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