How to choose the best wrap dance floor?

The dance wrap floors are consisted of two types 1. Wood and 2. Vinyl. When it comes to the wooden dance floor they are usually made up of oak and maple. For the wooden wrap dance floor, the solid wood or hardwood and a professional installer is needed. The wooden dance floor is usually the composition of plywood along with the attachment of a thin layer of hardwood. The long lasting of this dance floor is totally depends upon the quality of hardwood is used and the impact of humidity or changing in the temperature also effects the durability of this floor. Some people used bamboo or pine in making of wooden wrap dance floors. Remember bamboo is a plant with slippery texture and pine is very soft, both are not suitable for making wooden dance floor in any ways as they cannot be sanded for the perfect finish.

Vinyl and Laminated Floors

The laminated floors are a good option for Custom Dance Floor Wrap but being careful is must as they are the combination of wood and vinyl with a very thin layer surface, slippery finish and high chances of scratches. They do not have option for sanded finish and repairing scratches.

Vinyl floors are light weighted, luxurious looks and less costly. They are perfect for almost all the types of wedding dance performances. They are made in two kinds soft and solid, soft vinyl is flexible and the hard vinyl is used to make for dancing floors and also in studios. There are some vinyl floors available in the market that do not make loud sounds while people used them for dances. The reduction in sound while tapping makes them not as much perfect as the sound makers are. In the market, the vinyl with fiber glass and multi-layer vinyl floors are also available. The fiber glass make the floor stable and flat while the multi-layers vinyl floors are used to create the wooden look.
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