The power of sapphire – the blue gem stone

Ruby, emerald and sapphire are the big three of the colored gemstones. It is designated to the people who born in September. It is a sturdy and captivated for the buyers due to its practicality and romantic aura. Just like ruby, sapphire is also included in the mineral species. Ruby is the red form of corundum while the others colored like blue and white includes in the category of sapphire. Although sapphire stone has different colors but the blue sapphire stone is the well-known type.

Types of Sapphires

Sapphire comes in the variety of colors quality but usually a blue stone is known as sapphire. The value of the stone depends upon the uniformity and intensity of the color generally. The colors such as pink, yellow, orange, green and purple are known as fancy sapphire or as ruby but the blue is known as gemstone. The sapphires with the different colors are suggested or suits to the personality of someone.

Blue, pink and purple sapphires

Value of the stones are directly proportional to the richness and durability of the stone. The velvety blue or violet blue is the most valuable sapphire stone and sell out in the highest rates according per carat. Grayish blue, the lightest blue and the extra dark blue are the less valued sapphires.

The weak intensity color saturation to the light purple falls down in the type of pink sapphires. They are usually of a light red tone and known as ruby. The stone with the dominant purple sapphires is called purple sapphires. The color range of medium to dark violet to reddish-purple with weak intensity of the color are the purple sapphire stone.

Sapphire stones are the precious gemstone which is being used in jewelry like rings, necklace and earrings since ages. But be careful of the fake sellers if you like sapphire stone and want to buy it. The Aurelius’ is the most trusted company which provides the wide range of the sapphire stones.