Are you ready for a newborn photoshoot?  

Thinking of a DIY photoshoot for your just arrived little bundle of joy?

Newborn baby photography sounds like an easy feat. Still, in actual it is the toughest, scariest, and complicated task even for professional photographers too. It requires stamina, patience, and special skills with extra sensitivity as a must.

These fragile, tiny feet require experience and utmost care to handle. Obviously, you cannot guide and force them to follow instructions. Still, it is both a challenge and a treat for a photographer to capture babies in their most youthful state. With sound techniques and a little luck, professional family photographers handle this task successfully.

Here are a few tips for photographing newborn babies and their innocent moments:

Be patient and flexible:

Prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally for the baby photoshoot with having a massive pack of wet wipes. Many times photographer has to spend 2 to 3 hours for a baby shoot, and they just get their winning shot in the last 15minutes.

One thing that you can surely expect from a baby photoshoot is that it is entirely unexpected. Photographer has to manage so much from baby’s settling and falling asleep time to truly messy situations because of most likely naked photoshoot of little ones.

Keep babies safe and comfortable:

Babies have a fragile skull and soft bones, and they have only no control over their bodies. The photographer should know how to move into different poses with comfort. Keep them feeling warm and snug all times and avoid pop-up flashes to protect their sensitive eyes to expose in harsh light. Use external flashes, ambient lightings and prefer to conduct a photoshoot in natural sunlight.

Choose the best time with pre-planned poses:

It is ideal for conducting newborn photoshoot within 5 to 10 days. During this time babies spend most of their time sleeping, after that it can be difficult as they become more active. Support the head, neck, and body of newly born every time while changing their position. It is also good to plan poses ahead of time and never force a baby to do posing if they are not comfortable in.

Use props and blankets for an adorable setup:

To add a cute and magical touch to your baby photoshoot use different props, and dress them up beautifully if required. Props add a super cute touch to the overall photo and provide a fairytale look to the photo set.

Take a family photo too:

Assure the family participation in a newborn baby photoshoot. Take photos of the little one with parents and elder siblings to make the sweetest portrait. Try traditional poses with parents, or you can also go for contemporary positions to add little drama.

Don’t worry about the gear:

Higher quality cameras and lighting helps a lot to achieve desired images. Still, lower-end cameras also provide you with super adorable newborn photos. You just have to work more on proper setup and safe, sufficient lighting for a baby photoshoot.

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