Photos of your Wedding Day

Must-Have Photos of your Wedding Day

Your beautiful special day will pass in a heartbeat. Like an ethereal memory that feels almost surreal! Time flies when you are living the best moments of your life, so all you are going...

AZ Wedding rentals

AZ table and chair rentals for Wedding

Bounce then slide Wedding Rentals is a full service party and event rental company in Arizona. We provide wedding table rentals,  chair rentals, Tent rentals, Portable restroom rentals, Dance floor rentals, linens and other...

wedding officiant Toronto

Guidelines to select your wedding officiant Toronto

Have you ever been to a wedding when the officiant stumbled through, mispronounced names, or was just plain impersonal?   Officiants are also called celebrants, and finding the appropriate wedding officiant is frequently left...

wedding videography

Is wedding videography expensive?

As opposed to still photography, video captures movement and sound, allowing you to relive a specific moment in time. Wedding cinematography allows you to relive the special moments of your big day, including the...


Undergarments must be a bride’s priority

Most of the time, brides are preoccupied with their wedding gowns and jewelry, and they tend to overlook the most important aspect of their bridal look: their undergarments. There’s nothing more essential than the...

professional wedding photography

Is professional wedding photography a must?

“Dive into the magic moment to look into each other’s eyes. Laugh more naturally and confidently. Your wedding photographs should make your youngsters want to get married.” A wedding photographer is an absolute must...

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