Questions to ask your wedding videographer

Sometimes we never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Capturing these moments in a video film can make all this experience an immortal part of your life. Wedding is a lifetime event and memories of this day always remain so close to your heart. Photos and video are the only remembrances that are left after your big day, so it is just impossible for couples to compromise on their quality.

It is actually tough to find a good videographer who understands your wedding video concept and creates the kind of video you actually desired for. “Grey Summit Productions” is a reliable name for Sioux Falls Wedding Videography who shares some of the essential questions to ask your wedding videographer. These questions help couples to find out the suitability of a videographer for your Sioux Falls Wedding Videography:


Q#01: How long is your professional wedding videography experience and what number of weddings do you film a year?

Many things can go opposite to the plans for a wedding videographer, but you cannot accept do-over on your wedding with a wedding video. Years of experience are so much value that shows your wedding videographer is a pro in their job and they can professionally handle issues. A busy videographer for the whole year can be assumed as a good one.


Q#02: What is your videography style and how the pricing work?

Every photographer has their own style of filming wedding video and Storytelling, Natural, Candid, Cinematic, or highlights are different styles a videographer adopts to edit that video. You need to choose one who can film your wedding in the style you prefer. Pricing is about the videographer’s fee and discusses advance payment, offered packages, and payment in installment plans.


Q#04: Do you need an assistant to help you with my wedding?

Some videographers require second shooter or an assistant, particularly for the ceremony and reception. It may increase the cost/fee of a videographer, and you have to factor in that cost in your wedding budget.


Q#05: What is your cancellation policy?

A professional videographer always has a cancellation policy in place. Before making your booking, it is good to know about forfeiture or penalty charges of the advance paid.


Q#06: Do you have any backup plans in case of an emergency?

Emergencies or unexpected circumstances may happen with the video shooting such as lighting issues, rain, broken or missing equipment, and so on. Ensure that your videographer has backup plans in case of a glitch during wedding shooting.


Q#07: Who will own copyrights of the final wedding video?

Mostly the videographers transfer the copyrights of wedding video to the couple, but some videographers retain the copyrights to restrict the couple to make further copies of their wedding video.


Q#08: What will be the finished product?

Always get a full breakdown of what your wedding video package includes. This includes videographer services that are:

  • How many hours your videographer will be there
  • How many assistants he will have
  • What kind of equipment they will use for filming your wedding

Final product quality is also included in this breakdown that is:

  • Length of wedding video
  • Will it be in HD or not
  • Aerial filming included or not
  • Will the video has dialogue from the day or just music
  • Will they go to an additional location without any extra charges


If you are thinking of hiring a wedding videographer for your special day, ask these questions to get a clear idea about a wedding videographer’s services and charges. For Sioux Falls Wedding Videography you can contact ‘’’ Grey Summit Productions”.