Follow the rules for flower gift delivery  

Flowers are the most passionate way to rekindle your memories with your loved ones. This colour pops with unique beauty and enticing scent that can easily convey your love and emotions to the one you actually care about.

Flowers are the perfect gift for all most every occasion globally. Whether there are any formal occasions or informal celebrations, flowers magnificently highlight an event’s beauty and prestige. Gifting particular flowers in a certain manner, and a specific number expresses different meanings.

Florist Shrewsbury, Shropshire has listed down a few facts you will indeed find exciting and informative to consider for flower gift delivery:


  • Colour and type of flowers have connotations to consider, but the number of pieces also contributes significantly. You need to follow the rules, especially while sending Roses, in particular. More is not the merrier, and things start to get less intimidated as the floral number increases. Don’t forget that:
  • One rose usually expresses love at first sight
  • Three roses mean “I LOVE YOU.”
  • Five roses represent I love you and miss you
  • Ten roses, you are pretty
  • Thirteen roses say forever, friends.
  • Flowers are lovely in their rights, and some flowers are more attractive than others, but most beautiful is not always the ideal option. You have to follow certain etiquette while choosing flowers for gifting. Some flowers don’t suit certain occasions (like red roses for a funeral), but they may be taken as an insult.
  • It is really hard to ignore personalization of your gift for someone special, but for flowers, it is more appreciated to try a florist’s masterpiece.
  • Sometimes the efforts you put into obtaining the flowers and your deep sincerity remains un-worked without pairing these flowers with another gift. Flowers come across as lazy for particular events like a wedding, a birthday party, or a date night to propose your special one. In these circumstances pair your flowers with a ring, jewellery, a box of chocolates, a perfume, etc. to make things even more special.
  • Flowers require proper handling to remain firm and fresh, that is why flower delivery is a better way to surprise a person important to you.