The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Films?

Wedding films are an art that captures the whole love story of your big day, meticulously curated to serve as heirlooms in the years to come. Yet, as this is a complex working process based on giving impeccable value, the prices for this service vary. Bespoke wedding films are more expensive than normal wedding videos but there is a good reason behind it. Today we are addressing why this service can become more costly and the whole process behind it.

The £30,000 wedding film

The prices vary based on crafting your story and they can reach over £30,000. The first reason is that we aim for outstanding image quality, using the best possible gear. No, we are not talking about using large cameras to film it all, in fact, we are using something less obtrusive like the Arri Alexa Mini which in itself costs £30,000. The reasons why we chose this camera are both the size and because we demand high quality. It is such an amazing tool that was even used in the epic one-shot film 1917 due to its portability and obvious superior image quality. It is the same as Arri 100k which makes it the perfect high-end film camera for expensive weddings!

Furthermore, we think it is important to note that our services cover all parts of the world. Always ready to fly anywhere our cinematic portrayal is needed – which naturally adds to the expenses.

Unparalleled Service

Our bespoke wedding film services always start at the core basics with a blank storyboard. We communicate and gather information about what you want to be captured and how you want your love story to be visually narrated. For example, you might want to do it with a host and presenter starting from all the preparation details, to guest feedback after the wedding. Or, you can simply go full-on Hollywood Romantic Movie style – capturing with direction, filming techniques, and with music played even by an orchestra!

David: Nothing is an unusual request, we have a meeting and talk about everything through to the lengths of final film you require and moments you want to be captured”

You may already think that to manage this we need a whole crew, and you are right. We have a team on the day that is made up of a director who is in charge of the crew and leases with the wedding coordinator. In most cases, there are 2 main camera operators, plus an additional member of the team who will be helping with capturing the sound and assisting. We are a team because we are fully dedicated to luxury wedding filming, meaning everything needs to be flawless. That includes the fact that often the guests don’t even notice our recording! David is the mastermind here, always using small in size equipment and being at the right spot before the moment happens.

David: Its important for us to only use the most experienced live events staff, staying unobtrusive on a couples big day is one of our biggest priorities”

Most Expensive Wedding Film

Our bespoke wedding films are dedicated to super creative couples who want nothing but the best! They are usually planning expensive weddings, tailored in luxurious yet romantic style. To fully understand their vision, capture and deliver everything superbly, we have a production process that takes 3-4 weeks to complete. It has 5 stages and those are as follows:

  1. Development

We talk with the couple by phone and in person about their bespoke wedding film ideas and how we can achieve them. In most cases, we film several days before the wedding – the lead-up; with a camcorder to even self-film any moments that would elevate the story.

  1. Pre Production

The pre-production takes from 3 to 5 days. Those days are filled with discussions about the equipment needed and roles. This is all in the spirit of remaining in the background of your day while beautifully capturing everything. Furthermore, we go through the storyboards, health and safety planning, permits, selecting a creative director and presenter if required.

  1. Shooting

As you know, curating the love story film doesn’t consist only of shooting on the day itself, so the filming process requires more than just the wedding. For example, if we are shooting a Hollywood video, that takes about 10-12 weeks because we try to do everything unobtrusively. Plus, we are dedicated to turning the footage of your live event into part of your love story, a bespoke wedding film.

  1. Post Production

Naturally, this is the longest part of the process, taking 3-4 weeks to be completed. That consists of everything from the sound production to fitting the creative director’s brief. That being said, expertise in every area is critical, which includes: editing, sound, dubbing, special effects, background ambience, music, lab work, colour, title, trailers, voiceovers, etc.

  1. Distribution

This is the final part of the filmmaking process. The presentation involves delivering various films in multiple formats with different lengths. We like to arrange large film premieres for your family and friends, including bespoke packages for each of them.

The edit of the short film unfolds by putting together several things. First is the spine of your love story, the main camera production, then other camera angles are added to build on the whole film with an artistic cinematical touch. When everything is whole and completed, the music is added, aligned with the timing and balance. We also love to add sound effects and graphics before an independent editor will watch it – checking whether the running order and pace are balanced.

Another thing that distinguishes our luxury wedding filming is the colour grading. We like to match all the cameras and give each section of your story its own particular feel, like beautiful chapters. Of course, we will consult with you by sending a preview copy to make sure you approve it. If something needs to be altered, you will have a chance to make changes because we are focused on tailoring the bespoke wedding film towards your vision. If changes are in order, we will spend one day finalising the end result.

Why are the bespoke wedding films expensive?

Every single part of this process takes time, skill and passion. We are dedicated to making the film personalised and flawless. That being said – the value you get is amazing for the money. Our films are not cheap, but what we deliver is worth its weight in gold.

If you are already thinking, all of the clients must be super-rich, that is not always the case.

David: Couples who commission us often do so because they have a clear idea of the film they would like, they want to push boundaries and want the very best for their special day. People who are willing to pay for such a level of service include celebrities, those already involved in the film industry and often want to remain anonymous.”

Our planning strategy is effective even if some things change on the wedding day

Our filming takes a lot of pre-planning which is something we prioritise. For any live event, we want to stay unobtrusive, being in the background as much as possible. As mentioned before, we need to plan to be one step ahead and in the right position. Even if the plans are changed, our strategy is still effective and captures the love story seamlessly.

David: We know things will always happening slightly different on the day itself, but knowing what shots we are trying to achieve and how makes it easier when things are running differently”

Working with skilled and talented professionals only

Our team consists of full-time media professionals. They are highly skilled and trained with years upon years of experience in the wedding industry. That means they all have profound knowledge on how to use cameras in the best possible way and use professional equipment in all environments. Being proactive is our forte, always ensuring the whole team is in the optimal position early so they can capture the moment perfectly. What also adds to the costs of bespoke wedding films is that we pay the staff well, ensuring we get extraordinary results to match your dream wedding vision.

The Bottom Line

Crafting your authentic love story by cinematically portraying your most special moments is something we take to heart, always striving to exceed your expectations. That is why bespoke wedding films are expensive – the work put into them to achieve all of that takes a lot of effort, time, creativity, knowledge, diligence, passion and professionalism. To learn more about our approach, watch our films, or contact us, visi