Passion in professional photography

What Tallphotographer a.k.a Ahmed Adel says about it!

Photography is also a universal language – just as music is. It is a deep-sea that reveals its secrets to only those who dive deep inside its depth. To make it more universal and more familiar, you need to make it more personal. This is what photography is all about in the eyes of a young, talented, and emerging photographer from Dubai.


Ahmed Adel is not just a name but a brand with the power to visually answer any creative challenge. Tallphotographer is a well reputed photographer in Dubai, and whether it is traditional photography, videography, or drone shooting with a licensed drone pilot, you can expect the best from their side across UAE. Ahmed Adel never considers photography a profession to earn money, but he believes in making memories immortal.


To understand Ahmed Adel’s definition of passion and professional photography, here are his answers to few commonly raised questions from freelancer photographers.


How to choose a passion project?

According to Ahmed Adel, when a photographer looks for their passion project, they must be true to who they are as a person and a photographer. They need to be creative and have to consider the broad picture. A passionate photographer finds a tale as their photography topic that motivates them to throw away difficulties and barriers and encourages working hard.


Where to get inspiration?

Ahmed Adel, also known as Tallphotographer, feels that maximum of the most brilliant ideas emerges from the personal experiences of a photographer. Yes! You can go through some photo books, but don’t forget everything has already been done before, and there is nothing like a completely new concept. A passionate photographer can make it their personalized version and have already done things even better.


What are the main qualities of a passionate photographer?

Anyone can pick up a camera to take photos, and maybe they can do a good job (accidentally), but doing what you love for a living requires a unique mixture of devotion, enthusiasm, and hard work. Ahmed Adel is clear about his definition of a passionate professional photographer, and he says,” If you need some motivation, keep exploring and understanding the tacts and techniques of aerial and landscape photography. It will most certainly get you up and out the door with your camera in hand. Whether you’re interested in photography as a hobby or as a career, use a little more motivation, be particular with your ideas, and follow your heart as it will help you keep your own flames burning.