How to find the right wedding photographer

Your own wedding is definitely one of the most beautiful moments in life. For this reason, the planning of the location, wedding speaker, church, etc. is usually started a year in advance. A photographe mariage aix en provence should of course not be missing, because the beautiful moments and highlights of the wedding can be captured forever on dreamy wedding photos.

Professional wedding photographer vs. amateur

Bridal couples keep thinking about asking a friend or guests whether they can take wedding photos.

However, be careful!

Wedding photography takes a lot of experience to be able to take emotional photos and capture every single moment. Amateurs usually do not manage to capture magical moments. Wedding photography also has very high technical photographic requirements. Special mention should be made of the often very delicate lighting conditions – bright sunlight, dark churches and white wedding clothes. If you want beautiful wedding photos, you should not compromise here and should definitely book a professional wedding photographer.

Style and quality

Two other important points are the style and quality of the photos. There are tons of different styles to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. There is no such thing as a style that is good or bad – style is a matter of taste. Would you rather like natural pictures or photos, like from a glossy magazine? The best thing to do is to look for wedding photos on the Internet that you like and then compare them with the photos of the respective photographer.

Get to know your wedding photographer

When you have found a suitable wedding photographer who comes into question, you should definitely arrange a meeting in advance. In order to achieve a good picture result, the chemistry between the bride and groom and the wedding photographer has to be right. It is also important that the bride and groom feel comfortable with the photographer and can relax. In the preliminary talk, however, expectations and wishes should be communicated in detail, and the wedding process should be discussed. Good preparation is essential, so that ultimately beautiful and timeless wedding photos can be created.

Wedding photographer price

In addition to the style, quality, chemistry and experience of the wedding photographer, the price must of course also be discussed. However, one should note that higher prices are justified for experienced photographers. There is nothing worse than receiving the photos of the wedding day and realizing that the pictures are not what you wanted, are blurred or have color casts. Therefore, it is better to pay a little more than to be annoyed about the quality of the photos afterwards. More important than the price is to note which services are included in the wedding report.

Services / contract

A reputable wedding photographer usually offers a contract. With a contract, the bride and groom secures the photographer for the respective day, because someone else can no longer book this. The contract should include the attendance time, digital files without watermarks and in high resolution, location and rough schedule, if necessary travel and accommodation costs and other services. Any additional services should be listed as a separate service. Most wedding photographers offer the bride and groom a complete report as a finished work instead of a small collection of individual photos. 

When do you get the wedding photos?

This point is not important for everyone, but it can still help with the decision. There are wedding photographers who take photos almost every weekend in the high season and travel from wedding to wedding. The processing of the pictures takes a lot of time and it can quickly take 2-3 months. If it is important for the newlyweds to receive the photos quickly after the wedding, they should definitely discuss this with the photographer in advance.