How do you decide on a wedding theme for your big day

If the wedding theme allows you to do so, you can make your big day a true expression of both of your styles. Spend some time considering the themes you would like to have at your wedding since this will help you create wonderful memories.


It is possible to get overwhelmed while deciding on a wedding theme because there are so many alternatives accessible, such as rustic, vintage, travel, country, beach, etc. Do you want to choose the path of romance, or do you want to keep things new and contemporary?


With so many different options and approaches to weddings, selecting an appropriate theme for your big day is important. When choosing the theme for your wedding, the following are the most significant considerations you should consider.

·        To Represent You as a Couple:

When it comes to selecting a theme for your wedding, the idea that it should be about the two of you as a couple should take precedence above any current trends or suggestions from your closest friend or maid of honor. Your wedding theme should reflect your distinct personalities, like Mark Shaw Photography. When your guests arrive at your venue, they will be able to state that your theme conveys a great deal about who you are because of the way it’s been decorated. Your wedding will be much more unforgettable as a result of this.

·        Consider Your Venue:

When figuring out what to do for your wedding’s theme, a location can make all the difference. An outdoor or nature theme may not be possible if you don’t have a suitable site. You may desire a winter-themed reception, but the venue you’re looking at doesn’t fit the bill.


For some themes, the venue will handle most of the heavy lifting. You can incorporate an oceanic or nautical theme into your wedding if you are married on the beach or near the water. A classic or princess theme can go well with a wedding in a lovely garden. A rustic, country feel can be added to your wedding with an outdoor or barn ceremony.

·        Consider Dress Code:

Is there a particular look you’d like your guests to wear to your wedding? Depending on how well it fits with your wedding’s theme, you may be able to influence the mood you wish to create throughout the day.


A casual or semi-formal dress code can make attendees feel underdressed if you are having a gorgeous princess or old Hollywood-themed wedding.


Choosing a dress code for a date is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your relationship as a pair. Do you prefer to be comfortable and casual, or are you trendy and dressed to the nines? Your style as a couple should be considered when picking an appropriate theme.

·        The season:

Choosing a theme depends heavily on the time of year. A spring or summer wedding theme will be ideal if you want to have a garden wedding that is romantic and beautiful. Is there a year, such as a fall, when the colors red and brown are particularly appealing to you? This will affect the overall look and feel of your project. When planning an outdoor wedding, think about the weather. In the fall and winter, you may be able to obtain a better deal on a venue for an indoor wedding.

·        Keep in Mind Your Wedding Budget:

You should consider your wedding budget while narrowing down your options because some themes are more expensive to implement. For instance, if you’re throwing a spectacular party in a large ballroom, you’ll need a lot of lighting, decorations, and flowers. Vintage elegant garden weddings, on the other hand, are an excellent choice for those on a budget because they use natural elements like wood, wildflowers, and other flora.