After a failed first date, you might be thinking: “What did I do wrong?” Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. There are many factors to consider and no perfect way to put them. However, there are some things you can do to ensure you’re not matching up with someone who will make you feel hopeless. We’re often asked what not to say on a date in our professional lives, but sometimes we forget to apply those same rules to our personal lives. As a result, many of us have said things we regret on a date – and, if we’re being honest, we probably say a lot of things we regret on a date.  

You’ve been on a couple of dates recently, and you know the dreaded topics that you should avoid at all costs. It’s a good idea to avoid awkward questions, funny stories, and sugar-coated compliments. The problem is, you don’t want to come off as dull and boring. You want to say something that will make your date want to talk to you a little bit more. How do you do this? 

Words you should not say on your date 


“A kind of relationship I want is…” 

If you’re looking for the perfect time to bring up the relationship topic on a date, you’re in luck! The moment is right now because it’s just about the only time you won’t feel awkward. That’s because it’s generally difficult to start conversations that are more than one or two sentences long. While it’s true that you should never bring up the relationship topic on a date if you don’t know what to say, there’s also no need to feel anxious. All you must do is know what to say after you’ve asked your date what he or she likes to eat or what he or she does for fun. 

“I would love to be with someone like you” 

When you’re new to a relationship, it’s natural to want to talk about your new significant other. You want to share some juicy details about yourself and your dating experiences, and you want to have a good time exchanging stories with your date. But, as you get to know each other more and more, the first few dates can become a little awkward. 

When you are out on a date, you too can be assured that you are not alone in your dating adventures. It’s not uncommon to meet people at the same places, go to the same places, or follow the same trends. However, you will want to take note of what your date says because it can certainly send out a message. By hearing what your date says, you will be able to determine what kind of person they are, how well you know them, and if they are worthy of a second date. 

As a society, we have become so used to the idea of “going out” to restaurants, bars, and clubs that we’ve forgotten how to go out and have a good time. This can be a problem when you’re trying to impress a potential mate or even a colleague. Sure, it would be nice to have a good story about your night out, but at the end of the day, your date’s impression of you will be based on how you make your time the best it can be. In other words, you need to make a great first impression. 

“I will never date a Democrat or Republican” 

It’s a cliche to say that you would never date a Republican or a Democrat, but here’s a question that everyone should ask themselves: What do you think about people who say things like that? Just when you think it can’t get any worse, someone tries to tell you that you’re the problem. Why the hell does no one want to date a Republican or Democrat? Do we need to send them to a special center to cure them of their political fetish? 

“My Ex used to be…” 

It’s a common problem among single people that they’re overly obsessed with their old relationships. It’s especially prevalent in new relationships. For some reason, once you start dating someone, the first thing that comes to mind is your ex. 

The first thing you should never say on a date is, “So, what do you think about my ex?” This is about the two of you. And if you can’t stop talking about your ex, it’s obvious the feelings are still there. Don’t be that person on a date that thinks of their ex all the time. That’s rude. 

“This water sucks” 

Nobody likes to think about what not to say to someone on a first date. Whether you think you are downright giddy or blushing like a fool, it feels good to let someone know what you think of them, but it’s important to do so in a kind and respectful manner. 

A lack of manners is one of the number one turn-off for women, so it’s important to be sure you always act your best. One of the most common mistakes men make on first dates is assuming the person they are with has good manners. When they act rudely, it can turn off their date. If you act like a jerk, they will assume you are a jerk, and even worse – a jerk who doesn’t care about them. 

When you are on a date with someone, you must use some sort of attention-getting strategy to get their attention, right? So, what are the most attention-grabbing things to say on a date? There are a lot of things to consider, but it is important not to get too extreme with the pick-up lines you are using. If you think flirting is finished with texting, you are mistaken. There are still many more flirty phrases to keep the spark alive, you may find such from the EveryPickupLine collectionAs cheesy as they may sound, flirty phrases are a great way to boost your self-confidence when approaching someone.