Beach Wedding Ideas That Everyone Will Love


Beach Wedding Ideas That Everyone Will Love

There’s nothing more romantic and exciting than a beach wedding. The sunset, the gentle sound of the ocean waves and the informal atmosphere all contribute to a memorable event. Beach weddings, however, come in all shapes and sizes. There are dozens of elegant beach wedding ideas that brides can execute effortlessly to make the ceremony extra-special.

Candles and Lights

A beautiful beach wedding ceremony can be held when the sun is going down. The darkness and the sounds of nature will work together to create an ambiance that all of the guests will remember. A beach wedding ceremony held in the evening will benefit greatly from the use of light. Candles, torches and lanterns are all appropriate. They will make the experience even more romantic and they’ll be particularly suitable for receptions held at the beach.

One thing to keep in mind is the possibility of wind or at least sea breeze. Lanterns are a good idea in such an instance because they’ll keep the flame from going out.

Use Arches

Floral arches or a DIY altar are a great addition that will give the ceremony a touch of elegance. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on a floral arrangement, you can opt for a DIY ceremony arch that will be a perfect match for the theme.

Using ropes and shells for decoration will give the arch a natural appearance that will feel just right in the respective surroundings. If you want to go for more of a theme, choose a bamboo arch that’s decorated with handmade strands. The arrangement will feel Polynesian, which is a wonderful pick if you want to display your roots proudly.

Give Guests a Fun Wedding Favor

Elegant beach weddings often focus on the details. The wedding favor is one such detail that can tie the theme together. Anyone who’s having a morning or afternoon beach wedding can give guests a practical and beautiful favor. A handmade parasol, for example, will protect the guests from the sun and it can be personalized to reflect on the wedding theme.

Parasols are also beautiful props that can be used to add color to the wedding photos. Chances are that all of the guests will have a lot of fun with them. Alternatively, you can have personalized blankets for the guests to sit on. These will create more of an informal atmosphere than arranging chairs in strict rows.

Work on a Signature Cocktail

If you’re using the services of a catering company, a bartender or a chef, you may want to work together on a signature wedding cocktail. A signature wedding drink for a beach reception should be light and refreshing. Think about the deliciousness of a mojito but try to come up with an original spin on the classic. It’s also a good idea to choose a cocktail that can be paired with the food.

Nautical Touches

Nautical touches are lovely, whether you’re holding the wedding at a beach or you simply love the theme. Such decorations can transform just about every venue into a marine location. Navy blue, ropes, seashells and anchors are all typical nautical elements. A few other options for creating a nautical décor include blue and gold plates or bottles, message in a bottle centerpieces, sailboat cake toppers and nautical pennants.

The best beach wedding ideas are personalized. They contribute to the overall atmosphere of the party and they don’t have to be expensive to execute. Think about a few ways to customize basic pieces and decorations. This way, you’ll have the inimitable ambiance that every bride wants for her special day.

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