Wedding Reception Ideas for an Amazing Event


Wedding Reception Ideas for an Amazing Event

When it comes to the wedding celebration, the reception is incredibly important. While the ceremony itself is the purpose of the party, it is over rather quickly. The reception takes hours, and in some cases, days. You need to use wedding reception ideas that will please the happy couple and keep everyone entertained throughout.

For those who do not have to follow tradition, skip the wedding cake. Instead, opt for a donut wall. This is a trendy new idea that involves using a creative and themed display for guest donuts. Research the idea and you are sure to see some beautiful and fun creations. You will also spend significantly less dough from your wallet on this new alternative to the cake. You will still need to order ahead of time and make sure that you are prepared for the display well in advance.

Another fun way to provide snacks for guests is with an ice cream bar. Hire a local food truck service capable of handling the size and scope of your event. This is an especially great choice if the weather is hot.

If you have a catered event where guests are invited to party well into the wee hours of the morning, make sure to provide some fuel. When you make the arrangements with the catering company, you should have them serving snacks a few hours after the main meal has wound down. A buffet table can be refreshed at this point to provide guests with new grazing materials. However, if you do not have a caterer, you can still implement the same concept.

Whoever you had on food duty can have pizza and chicken wings brought in. If another form of casual takeout is preferred in your city, go for it! The main thing is to realize that these guests need fuel and as host, it is your job to provide it. Likewise, you need to provide beverages for the guests. Consider a smoothie or fresh juice bar if the guests would like that. You could also hire a bartender to serve at a cash bar or one that you have funded.

Some folks prefer a BYOB reception while others want to maintain control over the type of alcohol being consumed. The bride and groom should make this decision together, particularly being aware of the potential outcome. If either side of the family has active alcoholics who will be present, the subject should be out there and solved beforehand. If this means no booze or not inviting that person, it should be a joint choice.

Getting married is the most beautiful day of your life. There is so much that you need to get done, these wedding reception ideas are a great place to get you started. Start planning early and get the help of others as needed to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your big day. You deserve to have a fabulous ceremony and reception with the person you want to live your life with!

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