Why your wedding album needs black and white photos?

Anders Petersen has uniquely explained black and white photography. According to him;

“There are more colors in a black and white photo than a scene captured in colored camera. It is because that picture never blocks your imaginations in colors, and you feel free to fill your colors of experience, fantasy, and knowledge into it.”


Weddings are full of brightness and vivid color, but what about having a few of your wedding photos in black and white?


Photography in black and white is the most acceptable way to capture real-life emotions in a photograph. It is more than just converting a picture from color to monochrome. The artistry that aims to give images a resemblance to reality is a talent, a craft, or an art form uniquely using light and shadows to create a black and white moment. Sometimes photographs in black and white may completely express the emotion of the occasion, and this occurs by chance alone.


According to Hochzeitsfotograf Mallorca Lukas P. Schmidt here are the top 3 reasons to consider black and white wedding photography a must part of your wedding album:


  • Black-and-white portrait photography captures the essence of the subject. When it comes to wedding photography, black and white photographs may capture the day’s emotions better than color ones. Remove the color from the photograph to help the viewer better see what is happening in the scene.


  • Monochrome photography emphasizes the contrast between light and dark rather than color. On photographs with a lot of contrast, a black and white edit works effectively. Unavoidable harsh lighting shots typically appear better in black and white. Photographers may manage the contrast by transforming each color to a distinct shade of grey.


  • While wedding photographers may compose and posture for formal photos, most of what appears in the images are out of their hands. While wedding photographers should avoid distractions to generate good photos in-camera, this isn’t always feasible. Wedding Photographer Essex never misses the ideal viewpoint of the day. But shooting in black and white might help minimize distracting elements from the wedding day.


That realistic mood that can only be represented via black and white photography is what black and white wedding photography are about. Like reading an intriguing novel, it concentrates on the most critical and vital aspects of the image.