Wedding planning checklist 12 months prior

Getting married is so ecstatic feeling for couples, especially for brides. Of course, every bride wants everything to run smoothly without any unexpected hurdles during the preparation and the wedding day.


For the wedding planner, there’s a lot to consider. With so many moving elements, they need to get everything under control from the very beginning. This is why a realistic wedding planning timeline is the basic requirement of every wedding. A limited wedding planning timetable may lead to a lot of stress, and it’s not something that a wedding planner should have to deal with.


Some couples decide to create a wedding website throughout their engagement. There includes a link to their gift registry, as well as details on the venue. Wedding preparation most likely takes 12 months after the engagement, and to figure it out in the most appropriate way, it is critical to make a list of everything you need to do to prepare for the wedding. It will ultimately help you to arrange each item in the appropriate position according to the schedule.


Here is a realistic wedding planning timeline to guide you about the tasks you have to complete 12 months before your big day:

1.      Set your wedding budget 12 months in advance:

You need to keep track of all your expenses and spending, so sit down with your partner and create a complete wedding budget list that you can stick to.

2.      Organize the guest list:

Set your numbers since they will directly impact the location and reception you pick, as well as the capacity of those venues and receptions.

3.      Organize an engagement party:

Arrange and organize your engagement party to share your joy with your friends and family (of course, it’s a nice excuse to show off your wedding).

4.      Set your wedding date:

Pricing, venue availability, and the guest count will be affected by certain dates and holidays that may fall on your wedding date. When choosing a date, take your time and do complete research before deciding anything.

5.      Book your wedding and reception venue:

Booking a location is the first step in planning your design and décor. The location should be chosen far before the wedding day since you don’t want to be disappointed if your first choice isn’t available.