Wedding photography editing styles

From all Austin wedding photographers, when you have to choose one for your wedding, it is advised to have a photographer who is also a photo editor. Instead of editing, an inexperienced photographer tosses out their best shots. Editing your photos is just as essential as shooting the picture. Photo editors construct a picture from a photograph taken by a wedding photographer.

Wedding photography necessitates precision and attention to detail. Wedding photographers and picture editors should strive to grasp some of the important components of wedding photography editing to achieve remarkable results that produce wow effects.

Here are the top 5 of the popular photo editing styles Austin wedding photographers provide:

1.      Classic Style:

This classic editing approach mainly draws attention to the vibrant colors and tones of the wedding images. The editor has to pay attention to the nuances in the shadows and highlights to ensure that the final product accurately captures the look and feel of the wedding day. This is a great choice for couples that want their wedding’s precise aesthetic to be recorded.

2.      Image editing in Black & White:

Wedding photographers are known for their attention to little details and for creating stunning images. Black-and-white wedding photographs are popular, but occasionally the quality of the black-and-white photos does not transition well from the color shots.


High-quality black-and-and-white photographs seem elegant and timeless, regardless of the era in which they were created. Incorporating both color and black-and-white pictures within a single portfolio is a smart move.

3.      Natural editing:

In natural editing, photographers make use of the effects that are light and airy. These effects impart a sense of natural elegance and have an uplifting effect on the viewer. To create an open and classic atmosphere, use enough light and make sure the background is clear and uncluttered. Using natural light provides wedding photos with a fresh appearance and feel.

4.      HDR editing of images:

Editing photos with a wide dynamic range of colors require some practice. Skin tones may seem oversaturated when using this editing method on wedding photos. Photographs depicting nature or landscapes are commonly edited in this manner. If you want a picture with a lot of color and contrast and want to add drama to your wedding photos, this editing approach is perfect for you.

5.      Glam editing:

You may create a dramatic effect in your wedding photos by using a glam editing approach. The colors and contrasts of photos that have been altered in this manner are more vibrant. These photographs are of exceptional quality, owing to their use of low levels of grain and noise.