Wedding bouquet has to be sola wood real flowers!

When brides to pick out their wedding flowers they become so conscious, choosy, and idealistic. They wish to have a bouquet of their favorite fresh flowers and they spend a handsome amount of their wedding budget in buying their bridal bouquet of fresh flowers.

But does a wedding bouquet have to be real flower only?

It’s simple answer is NO!

Bouquet with artificial blooms, especially a fake wedding bouquet that looks real is a huge trend in weddings these days. It is not only about saving the cost of a real flower wedding bouquet or just because they are as beautiful as real flowers.

There is a variety of reasons to pick a sola wood wedding bouquet instead of real flower bouquet. Sola wooden roses are an impressive addition in the fake floral family. These are artificial blooms, but more eco-friendly nature. These are the blooms composed of the soft inner bark of the balsa tree wood. It means their origin is natural and no chemicals or toxic material is involved in their making. These are 100% environment friendly and biodegradable that causes no pollution at all.

Secondly, these are handmade blooms that require no complicated machinery and just with the help of a scissor and hot glue gun these blooms are crafted. In fact, anyone can be able to make their own sola wood flower with a little practice and DIY-skills. These flowers exist in ivory or cream color naturally but can be hand-dyed easily and you can dye these wood blooms in any real or artificial color by using acrylic paint, spray paint, fabric dye, or watercolors.

Sola wood flowers are affordable, realistic, and easy to make that is why with every new day wood flowers are taking the horizon of wedding floral industry with grace. Brides are becoming more and more obsessed with the beauty and impressive features of sola wood wedding flowers as according to sola wood flower lover brides:

  • You don’t have to refrigerate your sola wood bridal bouquet to keep it fresh and alive.
  • There is nothing to worry about sneezing or allergy issues to the sola wood flowers.
  • The best thing about wood blooms is that you will never have to throw them away. You can keep your sola wood wedding floral bouquet with you as a keepsake of happy memories for a long time.
  • Sola wood flowers are totally customizable so every bride can have their own special piece of art with her personal touch.
  • You don’t have to worry about the availability of your favorite blooms in a particular season or region. You can have any bloom in every season and you don’t have to spend most of your fortune in importing your favorite blooms from some other region.

So, with all these amazing benefits and admirable features, sola wood flowers are the best substitute of real bridal bouquet that is not only an affordable option but bring a more glamorous touch to the bridal looks. is an online sola wood flowers shop providing high quality customized sola wood bridal bouquets with most elegant and sophisticated looking wood flowers.

So this wedding season chooses sola wood floral bouquet as your bridal wedding bouquet.