The guide to officiating a wedding!

Wedding trends change dramatically and having a friend or a close family member officiate the wedding is becoming a popular growing trend among couples. Weddings have taken many forms, from a traditional religious ceremony to a non-religious, non-traditional, and quirky-fun event. Many couples prefer secular ceremonies, and they are not very much affiliated with a church. Here comes an officiates role in making the event memorable and impressive for the two people who choose you as their wedding officiate.

As a wedding officiate, one must know what they are signing up before agreeing to take on the role. From official documents and ordering credentials, completing minister registration, practicing, ceremony creation with the couple, all other logistics and details need proper attention and complete preparations. Here comes the need for appropriate instructions and guidelines to perform your responsibility as per the couple’s desires and hopes.


“The Modern Wedding Officiates Guide” is the answer to all the questions rising in your mind, and it will save you from mediocrity and embarrassment. This wedding officiant’s guide will prepare you to deliver a ceremony having complete ownership of it. This book will teach you to assert your ministerial power in two important ways:


  • Warming up the crowd before starting the ceremony
  • The assertion of your authorities in a clear and dominating way with a little bit of intimidation

This guide helps you in every way, from the wedding ceremony wording basis to what to wear when officiating a wedding. It is about the basic wedding ceremony etiquette of different faiths and non-religious people, and essential wedding day skills will make your wedding officiate experience so much relaxing and exhilarating.

This wedding ceremony guide by “Benjamin Zwiebel” has effective and practical tips and advice that will allow you to deliver a great wedding ceremony of all time.