Reasons to promote a live streaming wedding

Technology has completely transformed our traditional way of experiencing weddings, but the COVID-19 pandemic has given a 360-degree turn to our way of socialization. Here again, technology has rescued us, and live streaming is benefitting the brides on their big day. is explaining to you the top three reasons to have live streaming of your virtual wedding:

1.     State restrictions:

Many states still have laws that limit the number of people who can attend weddings and other festivities. Having a virtual wedding doesn’t matter how many people attend because everyone is at home or anywhere else for that matter.

2.     Unavoidable circumstances:

In everyday situations, few guests also miss the wedding because of being unwell, or they live far away, or maybe they can’t reach for destination wedding due to lockdown situations. Their inability to witness what at a wedding, the couple’s ceremony, or the exact moment when they say I do and kiss for the first time makes them happy and sad at the same time. So, it is a fantastic way to engage unique visitors in your big day by going LIVE.

3.     Limited wedding budget issues:

We all know that weddings are expensive, and physical guest numbers are one of the significant determinants of budget. You may feed the most important guests in person and let the others participate from home with live streaming of your virtual weddings, which have no guest restriction. Because of the limited number of physically present guests, your budget might be lower, or you can spend more on other items than you had initially planned.

4.     Feel of Elopement:

Some couples choose to get married in a very private and quiet setting. Elopements are a growing trend, with many couples opting for a short ceremony in a unique location. But in many situations, people wish to share the occasion with their closest friends and family members only because they love them. People you care about can be included in a tiny LIVE film using this method. But there’s also some internet love.

5.     No individual attention is required:

As hosts, newlywed couples would have had to engage in small conversation with every single one of their visitors, and let’s face it, and no one enjoys it. In the world of virtual weddings, casual chat is out of the question. Your guests will be able to view the main moments of your wedding and feel a part of them.