Popular wedding themes for 2021-2022

Themes and fashion for weddings are constantly changing. Garden, rustic, bohemian, contemporary, and classic styles have grown more fashionable lately, and this trend is expected to continue. Making critical wedding planning choices like:


  • Choosing a color scheme
  • How do you design your ceremony
  • What style will be perfect for your reception
  • How do you want your day to feel


All it can be easier if you have a clear aesthetic in mind. However, there are so many wedding theme concepts to choose from that it may be difficult to choose just one. However, we’re seeing an increase in the number of couples putting more emphasis on the emotional environment of their weddings as they get ready to start arranging their 2021 and 2022 wedding. Some couples’ confinement fantasies include a small beach wedding with only their closest friends and family.


However, a large, boisterous party in a posh, wealthy location is the ideal scenario for some.

Fresh design elements, new wedding themes, and cutting-edge experiences have risen from the ashes of a pandemic to capture lovely beginnings. Here Wrapped Up N U is sharing the top 3 popular wedding themes for the years 2021-2022:

1.     Wedding Theme Boho

Boho weddings, like outdoor and rustic weddings, are all about embracing a relaxed mood. Embracing rich color stories and all things local, from food and music to wine and flowers, are essential to this theme. This year and next, boho wedding themes will remain trendy. Many Boho-inspired couples choose vineyards, warehouses, and restaurants, as long as they have access to a garden or courtyard. This theme is popular with beach wedding locations and unusual settings.

2.     Rustic Wedding Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, the word rustic encompasses a broad range of styles and designs. Imagine ancient buildings, farm stays, cellar doors, historical homesteads, warehouses, and vineyards for your rustic wedding. With earthy features and subdued color palettes, these types of settings may simply be dressed up.


With a rustic wedding theme, you may expect a more laid-back atmosphere. For dinner, you might have a bluegrass band play during cocktail hour. Making your visitors feel at ease while enjoying a nice drink and even great company is key to this trend.

3.     Traditional Wedding Theme:

A traditional wedding theme describes a classic, romantic wedding. With all the changes appear in our life after the pandemic, now couples want a conventional marriage. Naturally, this may imply anything from a white wedding to an elegant church service followed by a ballroom celebration. For traditional theme wedding couple’s favorite locations include luxury hotels, historic buildings, private estates, Art Deco banquet halls, art museums, and botanic gardens.