Is wedding videography expensive?

As opposed to still photography, video captures movement and sound, allowing you to relive a specific moment in time.

Wedding cinematography allows you to relive the special moments of your big day, including the vows you exchanged at the altar, the heartfelt toasts from your loved ones, and your first dance as husband and wife to the rhythm of the music.

Wedding videography is expensive:

Maybe you think wedding videography costs too much, but it is not the fact. You need to know about the behind story. The price placed before you do not immediately go into their wallets, which is why it seems excessive to you. You just know that your wedding videographer will push your wedding budget over the edge, and you’re not pleased about it.

Let’s explore with wedding videography Birmingham why wedding cinematography is not expensive in real:

Maybe things are not like what you think!

What if I told you that wedding videographer aren’t ‘expensive,’ but somewhat worth what they charge?

Estimate eight to ten hours of coverage, and they often invest that extra time. Not to worry if your day goes on longer. Your contract covers all significant periods in between. For example, you record candid moments during cocktail hour, the couple’s entrance, and dances and speeches. Your videographer’s equipment is quite expensive, like lavalier microphones, which are discretely fastened mini-mics attached to bodypack transmitters. Since the final video is for personal use, don’t forget to add licencing costs. All these factors increase the price of your wedding video, but when you see it collectively, it’s fair to charge the amount they quote. Drone videography is also required for grand venues or outdoor weddings as it can add a certain wow factor to the final video. It also cost extra bucks and may raise the price.

Even while videography expenditures may seem like a significant chunk of your wedding budget, keep in mind what you’re getting in return. You’re spending more money on editing than you’re saving!