Planning an elopement wedding with kids

A wedding isn’t only about the two individuals who will spend the rest of their lives together; it’s also about two lives, two love stories, and two families coming together for the first time. As a couple, you may or may not have children of your own, but children are a big part of your life, and you may include them in your elopement!

A small wedding with close friends and family is a reason for joy. Undoubtedly, thinking about making your elopement day memorable for both of you is the biggest concern at that time. However, it’s a good idea to include your infant, toddler, or kid in your elopement as early as possible. Planning your elopement with your kids means both of you are ready to accept each other with all your goods and bad.


Most of the time, couples avoid eloping with kids due to their safety concerns. Eloping with a very limited number of guests makes it hard to take proper care of children. Here are a few of the effective ideas to solve this problem and keep your little angles happy:

·        Make them feel special:

Assigning your kids a significant part in the elopement will likely keep them on their toes throughout. Ring bearer, bridesmaid, flower girl, groomsman or usher are all options if your children are old enough to walk.


Another reason to consider this is that your child will be pleased to be a part of the ceremony. Your kid is likely to be so enthralled that you won’t have to worry about them getting into mischief.

·        Let them play their role:

Of course, this day is about you and your spouse, but don’t forget that this day may also be about your children. Toss them a special task, such as keeping something safe for the day or accompanying you to the altar. Their importance is shown on such an important day.


You may ask your child to brush your hair or zip up or button up your dress, or knot the tie and button up the jacket for you. Even if they don’t complete the job, these getting ready moments will make for wonderful memories and photographs! For these unique times, you’ll want to prepare ahead and set aside some space on your calendar.

·        Create the first look like a happy family:

Adding your kids to your “first look” is another marvelous idea to decrease the distance, resistance, and uncertainty in their hearts about a new beginning. Making a first look moment a family moment is a wonderful way to overcome the unseen differences, and it makes eloping with kids much more special.

·        Let them share their thoughts:

Ask your children to write down their thoughts so that you may share them at the ceremony phase of your elopement. Each of your children should write a letter or make a promise to the family. Alternatively, they can sketch something if they’re too young to convey their thoughts verbally or in writing. Write a pledge from both you and your spouse for your children. Incorporating vows for the children shows them that you’re not only committing to one other but also to the kids too.