5 essentials to discuss with your wedding photographer

The time of your wedding will go by quickly. Having a well-prepared photographer on hand for your special day will allow you to focus on having fun and reliving the moment instead of worrying about taking pictures. By discussing your needs with them in advance, you can ensure they get all the critical moments you want.


A wedding photographer’s job is to capture the joy and excitement of the day for the couple getting married, their guests, and everyone else involved. Don’t leave anything to chance; wedding photographer Surrey shares here 5 essentials to cover with your wedding photographer in advance:

·         Inform them of your plans:

Give your wedding photographer a detailed timeline of the events that will take place that day. Ensure the caterers and other vendors know about any special requests or instructions they may need to follow.


The ceremony start time may differ from the arrival time, so let the photographer know. Let them know if anything is out of the ordinary, like an acoustic performer or valet parking.

·         Give a “Face Sheet” to your photographer:

A photographer will appreciate a list of notable attendees, so be sure to supply one. Because of this, they can work more closely with you and the other suppliers. Your photographer will be ready and able to capture the moments you specify, and they’ll know where to find your most crucial attendees. If persons in your group aren’t in the photo, the photographer can use the face sheet to figure out who’s missing.

·         Discuss your shoot locations:

You should let your photographer know if there are any particular settings you want to be included in your wedding photos. This could be anything from taking pictures under a beautiful tree to strolling down a candlelit aisle. This enables them to plan and be prepared for these shots, especially regarding lighting adjustments.

Wedding images will likely reflect the aesthetic of the location in which they are presented. The expectations of a church wedding bride will be vastly different from those of a studio wedding bride. Tell your photographer ahead of time what kind of aesthetic they may anticipate.

·         Pay attention to your lighting needs:

It is essential to let the photographer know if the venue for your wedding reception lacks enough lighting. You may require the installation of supplementary lighting and/or reflectors. If your photographer is in the know, they can be ready for any unforeseen challenges with the lighting. Your photographer needs to know how they will be able to capture your day, and lighting is a significant factor in this.

·         Share any unexpected twists or turns with the photographer:

These are unexpected events that the photographer would rather have advanced notice of so they can prepare accordingly.


Whoever plans the surprise—whether it’s a foxtrot routine or fireworks—makes sure to let the photographer know. The photographer’s knowledge and experience directly affect the quality of the final product.