Broken Marriage Help

Broken Marriage Help

Broken Marriage Help

If you have been frustrated and confused about where your relationship is heading I’m sure that you would welcome help for your broken marriage. Do you sometimes feel as though you are the only one who cares? If that is your situation you most likely feel as though you are alone in searching for broken marriage help.

Well, I can tell you that although I don’t know you and your situation I do care about you and your marriage. There is something very wrong within our society where divorce is becoming the norm. We as a society need to do more than we are doing to help couples stay together. If I had my way there would be some mandatory counseling classes required before couples could get divorced.

So, now that you know that at least the two of us care about your broken marriage and your wounded heart, let’s see if we can come up with steps to help ease the pain.

One of the things that I think surprises many married couples is how frustrating marriage can be at times. When folks were dating they could decide to take a few days or weeks off and pick up the relationship like nothing happened. If this happens after the marriage occurs folks wonder what is wrong with their relationship. Instead of leaving for a few days or weeks the relationship turns cold with very little interaction or relationship.

The key to fixing a broken marriage is stopping the marriage from sliding into those long periods of unhealthy traits and characteristics. For example;

  • If you can go days without talking or acknowledging each others presence you are developing some seriously unhealthy marital habits and heading toward a broken marriage.
  • If you can go days or weeks without being intimate with each other you no doubt are building a broken marriage and you need help. Unless both of you have a low desire to be intimate, one of you will become bitter, resentful and perhaps seek satisfaction outside of the marriage.
  • If you hardly make time for each other to strengthen the marital bond that you have your relationship will probably slowly fade away. You can generally see the signs of a need for broken marriage help by the amount of time couples spend together.

One of the reasons why couples fail to get help for their broken marriage is they are worried about their image. Very often we as married couples or individuals wonder what others will think. For some strange reason we very often will ignore our need for marriage help out of fear of others knowing that we have problems.

Can I let you in on a secret? All marriages have ups and downs. The strong ones survive the waves and the weak ones drown in the frustration and misery.

We often act as though we are the only ones with relationship problems and the world is looking at out marital situation.

Please don’t let your ego and pride keep you from taking advantage of getting help for your broken marriage. Chances are that the same marriage struggles that you are facing have been fought and won by millions of other married couples. You don’t need to come up with all of the answers to fix your broken marriage. Why not use the experience and expertise of others?

I hope that you continue to search for ways to fix your broken marriage. Don’t settle for a marriage that is barely hanging together. You can have so much more.

Please look through the numerous articles posted on the Help In Marriage site. Our desire is to be a blessing to you and assist you with finding the broken marriage help you need for your marriage.


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